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Professional Descale & Clean available to buy in quantities of: 2 x 5l containers

  • Commercial rust cleaner & professional descaler for commercial kitchens, bathrooms and building exteriors
  • Ready to use or dilutable to 1:1 with water for effective descaling
  • eco-benign®, fully biodegradable, organic acid-based, safe but highly effective
  • Removes limescale and rust from any surface or facility
  • Available in 5 litre containers


  • Evogen Professional Descale and Clean is an eco-benign®, fully biodegradable, organic acid-based, safe but highly effective commercial rust cleaner & professional descaler, for the removal of limescale and other scales in a variety of applications. Evogen Professional Descale and Clean is in 500ml bottles, and 5 litre containers for larger cleaning applications.
  • Our commercial rust cleaner & professional descaler is based on an organic acid found naturally in fruit.
  • It replaces traditional mineral and other organic acids in scale removal applications, but it is not classified as corrosive or irritant, so it is very safe to use.
  • The Evogen Professional formula is not classified as hazardous, needs no labelling and is much safer to use but will still give effective scale removal and it is also chlorine and phosphate free.
  • It is broadly equivalent activity-wise to products based on sulphamic acid but has no environmental concerns.
  • In terms of effects on the environment, the Evogen Professional Descale and Clean raw material is found extensively in nature, is highly biodegradable and has very low toxicity in the environment.
  • Evogen Professional Descale and Clean contains added surfactants to further boost performance, which also means that a separate degreaser is not required if scale is contaminated with oil and grease.
  • For cleaning and scale removal, as a guideline, we recommend application of the product neat or diluted 1:1 with water and soaking for 30 minutes. If significant scale remains, replace the solution with fresh product and leave for a further 30 minutes. Rinse to remove all traces of product.
  • For descaling of kettles, quarter fill the kettle with water and boil it, then add the same amount of descale cleaner. Wait for about half an hour, re-boil the mixture then leave for another 30 minutes if visible scale still remains. Pour the mix away, rinse thoroughly and refill with fresh water, reboil and discard. The kettle is then ready for use.
  • Do not allow the concentrated product to sit for any length of time on the decorative surface of metals as some discoloration may occur.




Scale is a deposit of insoluble metal salts that can form a hard, insoluble layer on surfaces, and is a particular problem in hard water areas.

Use our commercial rust cleaner & professional descaler to dissolve or remove scale in a wide range of applications including:

  • Limescale removal for kettles, irons, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Toilet bowl and bathroom cleaners
  • Industrial applications such as rust removal or equipment descaling

The product can also be used for stone and concrete cleaning in professional and industrial areas

Features and benefits of our commercial rust cleaner & professional descaler

  • Excellent descaling activity coupled with no hazard labelling: Safer to use than products based on mineral acids like hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, or other organic acids such as sulphamic acid
  • Based on a natural biomaterial: Totally biodegradable in a waste water treatment plant or in the environment
  • Contains powerful cleaning agents: Boosting scale removal and making the product an effective cleaner even in the presence of oil and grease contamination
  • It is the only effective but completely eco-benign® product within this sector: Giving a unique, minimal environmental impact
  • Product is not classified for corrosive or irritant effects on skin and eyes: Providing a safer environment in which to work and handle the product
  • Completely biodegradable: Not classified as harmful to the environment
  • Can also be used for cleaning stone and concrete, removing dirt, oxidation, algae etc., both in professional and industrial uses: Broad application use from single product