Weight 8 kg

AUTOSMART AUTOFRESH *CITRUS* Concentrated Liquid Car Air Freshener ODOUR 5L


Autofresh CitrusĀ 

Concentrated Air Freshener

A variety of pleasant fragrances to eliminate stale odours. Long lasting, will not stain or mark vehicle interior.
  • Freshens interior spaces
  • Masks stale odours
  • Powerful, long lasting results.

Silicone Free


Reodourising: Simply spray neat into car, cab, boot etc using an Autosmart mini-jet. For longer lasting results mist onto carpets and upholstery. Avoid over wetting. Cleaning: to remove light soiling from vehicle interiors dilute 1 part autofresh with 2 parts water. Spray onto cloth and wipe over upholstery and plastic trim. Wipe over with a clean damp cloth. For best results use Autosmart microfibre cloth. For heavier soiling use Autosmart Brisk interior shampoo.