Weight 7 kg

AUTOSMART AQUA WAX Wash Shine Hot Rinse 5 L



Hot Wax Rinse Aid

A concentrated hot wax, which protects paintwork and livery and leaves a glossy, streak-free finish.
  • Contains unique dirt repellent to inhibit resoiling
  • Protects paintwork, tilts and curtains
  • Leaves glossy, streak-free finish
  • Suitable for use with all forecourt systems

Silicone Free


Aquawax is formulated to ensure maximum performance from all brushwash systems. Add Aquawax to rinse water at a dilution of around 20ml per wash. Aquawax is also highly effective through a pressure washer, pre-spray or jet wash system. thoroughly clean surface with Autosmart traffic film remover. Apply Aquawax at a dilution ranging from 1:100 to 1:300 and rinse off.